Why Wildlife Photography

Photographing wildlife is a true challenge. Sometimes hours are spent without getting the photograph you are looking for or even without seeing any wildlife at all. It is awe-inspiring, however, when that special photographic moment turns true where the deer is walking slowly into camera range, that heron you have been staking out in your blind for hours finally shows up in front of your lens, or a flock of geese flys over your head so low you would swear you could feel the vibration of their wings in your chest. These are the things for those of us involved in wildlife & nature photography that make the hard work well worth it!

Website News

  • 03.11.2007: In the last two days I have uploaded a collection of 28 pictures from my holidays in the Netherlands back in May this year. The galleries containing new pictures as well as the thumbnails on preview pages are flagged accordingly. Enjoy!
  • 26.09.2007: Nothing happened on this Web site for quite a long time. Finally I managed at least to redesign it for a more contemporary appearance. I dropped the lightbox functionality as it was barely used. New content will be published in the near future as I have a whole bunch of new pictures from my holidays in stock. Stay tuned :)
  • 25.07.2005: Yesterday my website has been designated as a very recommendable site by www.linkperlen.de. Thank you guys, that makes me very proud, as your newsletter reaches thousands of subscribers...